There used to be a time when humans were wild.

We have evolved since then… Or at least we think we have.

We started chasing careers, and houses, and iPhones; and we call ourselves free. We’re chasing someone’s idea of ‘a good life’.

We are slaves to logic, to security; experts at numbing our inner voice. We’ve become emotionally numb. (So much so that we gladly tolerate the infliction of suffering on other beings for our convenience.

We’ve lost touch with our humanity.

We lost the meaning of community.

We forgot we can not only appreciate, but also create beauty.

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt henna finalist

We are taught to sell our truth to the lowest bidder.

We learned to accept the sacrifice of freedom, adventure and craftsmanship… for efficiency. For convenience. For security.

The Conscious Bohemian is here to say just two simple words.

Fuck. Efficiency.

I’m here to share my modern quest for truth, beauty and freedom.

Join in. Share your art. Think for yourself. Create. Explore. Dare.

Connect with the sacred, soulful essence of life.

This is an initiation into truth, betterment and our wild selves.

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